The Fossil Q Founder is important for a few reasons. It's the first Intel-powered Android Wear device and the first one designed by a real watchmaker to actually go on sale. Fossil started selling it a few days ago, and now it's available for purchase direct from the Google Store. Google says it should ship in 1-2 days, which is about as fast as things get there.

The Q Founder has an Intel Atom processor, 1GB of RAM, and 4GB of storage. It's a larger watch with a 1.5-inch flat tire LCD and a 400mAh battery. Even if the flat tire bugs you, at least there's an ambient light sensor on board. Google alleges that it will run for more than a day on a charge, a claim that I'm currently putting to the test.

Google lists the starting price at $275, but that's only for the leather band version that is not yet in stock. The only one you can order immediately is the stainless steel watch for $295. We're working on a review of the Q Founder and should have it ready in the coming days.