Samsung's Galaxy View is a weird device, but Samsung isn't giving up on the jumbo tablet just because no one knows what the hell to do with it. Okay, how about this: you can play games on it with the aid of a gamepad app on your phone. Cool? Oh, but the app only works on Samsung phones. Meet the S Console Gamepad app.

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The app comes with various gamepad templates for different game types like racing and RPG. The layouts are fully customizable so you can move buttons around as well. I don't see any of them being very usable as a gamepad, though. It's not easy to hit the right button on a touchscreen unless you're looking at it. I guess you could use this if you really want to play a game on your Galaxy View and don't have a Bluetooth controller handy, but how likely is that?

Samsung says over 100 games are optimized for the Galaxy View and S Console Gamepad, but neglects to say what they are. The app is free, and again, it only works on Samsung phones.