Last year Verizon Wireless launched Advanced Calling, a VoLTE service with video calling support on select phones. Now the carrier is pushing Advanced Calling 2.0. An over-the-air update is on its way to the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

With this update, Verizon is debuting Advanced Calling with Wi-Fi. People with supported devices will be able to use their Wi-Fi networks in places with weak cellular coverage. Future updates to more Android devices and the iPhone are scheduled for early next year.

On the Galaxy S6, look for software version G920VVRU4BOK7. On the S6 Edge, make that G925VVRU4BOK7. Here's the changelog for both devices.

What's New:
  • Advanced Calling 2.0
  • Enhanced Conf Calling, VoWiFi
  • UHQA (HiFi Audio)
  • Live Video Broadcast, App Edge
  • ALM fix
  • Wireless charging fix

Verizon has provided changelogs with more detailed information for both the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge, including how to activate Wi-Fi Calling. You can find the option under Settings > Advanced Calling > Activate Advanced Calling.