Something new is going to be showing up in your Google Calendar very soon. No, you aren't being invited to a party (sorry). Google is adding support for reminders to its calendar apps, so you'll be able to stay on top of your to-dos and upcoming events all in one place. I'm actually surprised this wasn't already part of Calendar.

Reminders can already be added in various places like Inbox and Google Now. These reminders will now appear in Google Calendar alongside your events (simply showing reminders has been an option for a while). Should you not mark one as done by swiping it away, it will float at the top of your list for the next day.

Google's video above shows adding reminders directly from Google Calendar as well. Calendar is good at filling in info like locations and phone numbers, so that could be quite useful. However, the Calendar app doesn't do reminders yet. There will be an update later this week that unlocks the functionality, probably on Wednesday. Reminders will come to the web version of Calendar soon as well.


The new version of Calendar is already rolling out. In addition to the above, you can swipe right to delete events. Grab it on APK Mirror here.

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