Adobe has a complicated relationship with Android. Most of its apps come to our beloved platform long after they've launched on iOS, and the updates tend to be slower to arrive thereafter. Keeping that in mind, Lightroom got a big update on iOS back in October that removed the requirement for a paid Creative Cloud subscription. Now Android is getting the same. As of today, Lightroom is free on Android.

Lightroom is Adobe's photo processing and organization tool, a much more powerful version of which is available on the desktop. The mobile version is still more capable than most other photo editors on Android with support for auto-adjustments, filters, file syncing, RAW files, and more. Adobe says the response to the free iOS version has been extremely positive (shocker, people like free stuff), and it hopes Android users will be similarly pleased.

You don't even have to sign in to use Lightroom now. Of course, Adobe would still like it very much if you'd opt for a free trial of some paid Creative Cloud services. Just signing in with Creative Cloud enables the synchronization features existing CC users already have. So, head over to the Play Store if you want to give Lightroom a shot. Adobe says it's available now, but you might need to give it some time to finish rolling out.

Adobe Lightroom: Photo Editor
Adobe Lightroom: Photo Editor
Developer: Adobe
Price: Free+