Google is continuing to refine what data you can access without ever leaving its browser-based search interface. A few of the more complex options for searching popular culture have now made their way from the desktop to Android, and they've also been given some impressive layout adjustments. According to Google's own search blog, contextual information for music, movies, and television shows will now appear in a dedicated sub-section of Google Search. Some of this was already available, but some of it's definitely new.

Screenshot_20151206-130430 Screenshot_20151206-130446 Screenshot_20151206-130449

Let's test this out, shall we? If I search for "grimes," in addition to relevant links to my installed apps and Google's basic Knowledge Graph info, I can see the dedicated sub-section (usually solid-colored - see below). From here I can expand to a full list of songs, albums, upcoming events, plus web and social links. Contextual links to record labels, locations, collaborators, and other neat stuff are all inside the sub-section. Similar auto-generated tools are available for movies and TV shows.

The feature doesn't appear to be live for all Android users; some of us here at Android Police can see the new dedicated UI, while some cannot (although a lot of that information comes up in Knowledge Graph in any case). Expect to see a wide rollout sooner rather than later; the Google Search blog says that these expanded results will be available on iOS soon as well.