Chrome's URL bar is so fast that I generally don't even bother with bookmarks anymore, but those who do might have noticed that they look a little different lately. In the latest version of the Chrome stable build for Android, there's a new user-selectable flag that can enable or disable a different interface for the Bookmarks manager. It can be enabled (or disabled, if you prefer) in the Flags settings page: chrome://flags/#enhanced-bookmarks-experiment.

2015-12-06 00.44.12 2015-12-06 00.44.08

Old above, new below.

2015-12-06 01.47.20 2015-12-05 23.37.53

The new interface replaces the links at the top of the Bookmarks page with a slide-out "hamburger" menu, as with most of Google's other apps. Bookmark folders are in the sidebar instead of the nested links. The long-press menu for each individual bookmark has also been removed, and replaced with a dedicated button on the right side of the screen. That's about it.

Some of the people we've spoken to have seen this changed layout as soon as they upgraded to Chrome version 47, others have not and need to manually enable it via the Flags menu. That means that we're probably looking at another server-side switch on Google's part, ostensibly to test reactions to the new layout. It certainly fits in better with the design language Google has used in other apps, and the sub-menu is much more obvious, so I wouldn't be surprised to see this become the default going forward.

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