The point of ads is to get you interested in whatever is occupying that—ugh where is that X okay there it is—now, where was I? Ads, right. They're just after our attention. Thing is, they generally fail to do their job. So Google wants them to be better.

Soon you will see interactive ads that allow you to play a game or swipe through an app for up to 60 seconds. Trial Run Ads, as they're called, work by streaming a brief demo of the software in question. The idea is that if a user is hooked by the end of that minute, they will click the install button to keep playing.

Trial Run Ad gif for SGN

This sounds like a creation made for match 3 games and other casual fare, but the experience isn't limited to games. Google is also rolling out Interactive Interstitial ads, which are HTML5 ads customized for each app. Advertisers can use them to entice users with deals that appear when you swipe, for example.


Personally I find there to be something... what's the word... bold about an app that goes "Hey, you know that game you were about to play before I so rudely interrupted? Well, play me instead." But I also don't install any ad-supported apps, so clearly this isn't meant for users like me. In that case, what say you?