Verizon completely revamped its plans a few months ago when it ditched contracts with the aim of making the options easier to understand. Verizon's data is still more expensive than some carriers, but there's a holiday promotion that might make the cost more justifiable. If you sign up for one of Verizon's two highest data tiers, you can get 2GB of free data on each of your lines forever.

The promo applies to XL and XXL plans, which come with 12GB and 18GB of data shared across all the lines on your account. The XL package is $80 and the XXL is $100, but that's in addition to the $20 line access fee and payment plan. If you get one of these tiers through January 6th, each line on your plan earns the 2GB bonus every month. This is still shared data, though.

Is there a catch? You bet. In order to keep the bonus data, you must remain on the Xl or XXL plan. Additionally, the line must remain active continuously. But hey, free is free. The deal is open to new and upgrading customers through January 6th.