You may have missed it, but remote controlled cars have gotten much cooler than they were when you were a kid. These days you're not just holding down a trigger and throwing your hands up as, yet again, you go into a turn fast enough to send your car flying off the track.

Now you use your phone, and the plastic speedsters are smart enough to drive themselves. The experience is called Anki Drive, and you can read our quick review for a closer look.

Anki Overdrive is this year's upgrade. It expands on the base set by letting you build your own tracks. The hand-painted cars then drive around on their own as they learn the new course. Players then control them using their Android devices, firing virtual weapons and leveling up as they win races.

This year's starter kit goes for a pricey $150, just like the original Anki Drive. But right now you can get it on Amazon for $30 off. No coupon code required.

After you place the order, you can find the app in the Play Store. Here's the link.

Developer: Anki, Inc.
Price: Free
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