The Force awakens on December 18th, but the Force of Disney's marketing has awakened long before that. We're already being bombarded with Star Wars figurines and collectibles and toys and miscellaneous items in every online or retail store we visit. And here's one more thing you want to add to your list of coveted Star Wars items: a themed Google Cardboard unit.

Verizon has the exclusive rights to these 4 different cardboard designs. There's one for BB-8, R2-D2, Kylo Ren, and Stormtrooper. They all look nerdy enough to begin with, then you add the fact that they're robot and space-related and there's virtual reality involved, and it's like all the stars have aligned for the ultimate geeky gadget.

But you may have to be with the dark side to grab one, because only Verizon customers seem to be eligible to get it. Then you'll have to march over to a retail store to take control of it. And even then, you'll get a heavily branded unit with big Verizon logos on both sides, as if darkness needed more advertisement.

Or you can do the sensible thing, head over to Verizon's site to check out the designs, then just color your regular cardboard with a Stormtrooper design and vanquish evil from afar.

This article previously mentioned that Verizon was selling these themed Cardboard units. As commenters pointed out, Verizon seems to be giving them away for free, but they're in short supply in each store. The article was updated to reflect that information.