Before YouTube Red launched at the end of October, a number of folks signed up to take part in the YouTube Music Key beta. Starting last week, a number of them have been getting hit by a particularly frustrating bug. They've been switched to YouTube Red, but they've lost access to their Google Play Music subscriptions. To make matters worse, YouTube Red charged them $7.99 as though everything were in working order.

If you've been affected by this issue, the good news is that Google isn't just aware of the problem, it says the issue has been fixed. A number of users have discussed the problem in the Google Play Help Forum, and here's a quote one provided from YouTube support:

...this is a known issue and our engineering team has now fixed the issue. However, the fix may take a few hours to roll out to all of our users. Please wait for 24 hours and check if you can access Play Music features again.

Some folks in the thread have confirmed that things are again running smoothly. So there you go. Give YouTube Red and Google Play Music another 24 hours, and then everything should hopefully be in working order.

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  • Michael Fenoff