You may think of Squarespace as what you use to create your own personal website. Maybe it's just that name you hear advertised during podcasts. Either way, you may not know that the company also reaches out to small business.

Squarespace Commerce, which has been around since 2013, is a way to manage and sell products online. Businesses can use it to sell both digital and physical goods. Those that do now have the option to use Android devices.

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The new Squarespace Commerce app should provide what you need to manage your inventory, fulfill orders, and deal with customer issues. You can use your phone or tablet's camera to scan barcodes and insert tracking information.

The app sounds like a good fit for the business owner that's savvy enough to set up their own Squarespace site and use Square (no relation) to manage their point-of-sale transactions. If that person is you, the download is available in the Play Store below.

Squarespace Commerce
Squarespace Commerce
Developer: Squarespace, Inc.
Price: Free