The Moto 360, old or new, is a nice watch for people who like nice watches. But Motorola's little Android Wear device isn't made for the more active or outdoorsy among us. It's large, and rubbing one against a rock while climbing might just ruin your day. Don't trip while running, because those tears won't be over your scraped knee.

Knowing this, Motorola has developed the Moto Sport. It's a follow-up model that's surrounded by a layer of silicone that stands up to sweat and other moisture. This is also the company's only model that comes with built-in GPS.

Motorola made the device official back when it showed off the 2nd gen Moto 360 in early September. Now we have a price: $299.99 here in the US, the same as the standard model. We also have dates.

The Moto 360 Sport will first land in the UK and France starting on December 18th. It won't come to the US via and some other unnamed online retailers (Amazon, perhaps?) until the following month, January 7th. It will then hit Best Buy and Chicago's new Moto Shop three days later.

Afterward, it will eventually make its way to Brazil, Canada, China, Mexico, and Spain.