We've all become accustomed to Samsung Mobile head JK Shin appearing on stage at each flagship unveiling, but no more. The company announced today that he's stepping aside to allow another executive to take the reins. Koh Dong Jin from Samsung's R&D division will be the new man in charge of Samsung's mobile business. No one seems entirely sure what Jin will do as president of Samsung's mobile division, but everyone agrees it was time for a change.

JK Shin has overseen an unprecedented increase in Samsung's mobile dominance over the years, but more recently he's missed several key developments. Profits tanked in 2014 as Samsung faced increased competition from budget-oriented smartphone makers, and the company also failed to predict the high demand for curved AMOLED screens this year. Shin isn't technically getting the boot from Samsung. He's still co-CEO and President of Samsung's electronics business, but he won't have a hand in the mobile products. It's unclear how much control he'll have in the company going forward.

Koh Dong Jin has been part of Samsung's R&D division where he oversaw products like Tizen, KNOX, and Samsung Pay. Some say he'll continue Samsung's focus on hardware, and others say he's more of a software guy. Only time will tell.