There's a new Google app that will help you get some culture, and you don't even have to stand up. The aptly named Arts & Culture app contains images and data on works of art and relics of the past from more than 850 museums and organizations around the world. And it's free—not even a "suggested" donation.

This is more than just snapshots of paintings and dusty old pottery. You can learn about the history of each piece, and even explore museums and landmarks in 360-degrees. Some objects have also been imaged in extreme detail, so you can zoom way in like you were really there. You almost expect a security guard to tell you to step back.

You can explore the content by projects, time period, color, and more. The app should work on all phones and tablets, but it does seem slightly laggy for me right now.

Lag mystery solved. It's a web wrapper

As some of you have pointed out, the reason for the lag is that this is a web wrapper. You can get the same stuff on the Google Cultural Institute site. So, content good, app bad.

Google Arts & Culture
Google Arts & Culture
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free