The Huawei Watch is a premium device. On a normal day, it goes for a starting price of $350. For Black Friday, Huawei knocked $100 off the price off on some of the pricier models, making it possible to get the Android Wear device for $300. For Cyber Monday, Target is doing Huawei one better.

Target is knocking 15% off the price of tech products with the code CYBER15. If you apply this to the models of the Huawei Watch that it carries, which range from $299.99 to $399.99, you can get the accessory down to $255.99. Tax will bump that price back up to around $280, but at least shipping is free.

The watch is available on Amazon for the same reduced price, but it's currently out of stock. That said, you can place an order now and have the retailer ship one out when it's ready.