Android tablets don't seem to be in high demand since the default size for flagship phones has shifted to "frickin huge," but for those who still want one, there are deals to be had right now. Adorama, a well-known US electronics retailer, is selling the latest Samsung flagship tablet for a significant discount on eBay. The 9.7-inch version of the Galaxy Tab S2, which has a retail price of $500, is just $359 on eBay right now. Both the black and white models are available, and if you live in the lower 48, you get free shipping as well.

Unfortunately, would-be buyers in Alaska and Hawaii are out of luck, as is anyone outside of Canada, Australia, and "Europe." Europe is in quotes there because the list of excluded countries also includes most of continental Europe from Ukraine all the way to Portugal - apparently Adorama thinks that Europe consists of Germany, the UK, and Ireland, and not much else. If you are in the US and you aren't in New York or New Jersey, you can also skip sales tax. (Hey Adorama, you do know that Australia is farther away from New Jersey than both Alaska and Hawaii, right? Just checking.)

The Tab S2 is among the most high-end tablets available at the moment, earning high marks for its Super AMOLED display, octa-core processor, and super-thin 5.6mm frame. This is the cheapest price we've seen yet for the larger 9.7-inch model, though I wouldn't be surprised to see even deeper discounts in the near future.