Drop your turkey stuffing right now and listen to me! This is a good deal, like a really really good deal. I wouldn't interrupt your Thanksgiving preparations and cooking if it wasn't a worthy urgent matter.

If you want big-ass headphones, with a big-ass sound, and a big-ass quality, you can't go wrong with V-MODA's Crossfade lineup. From the M-80 to the Wireless, those headphones are among the most popular on our site and for good reason: they're great. But their price is usually as big-ass as their ear cups. Well, not today and not if you want the M-100 model. Its price has dipped by 35% on Amazon, taking it to an all-time $199.99 low. Even CamelCamelCamel thinks it's a good deal, telling us the lowest these have ever been to is $230. $200? That's unheard of.

For the two Franklins that you'll be paying, you'll get a pair of wired over-ear headphones with 50mm dual diaphragm drivers, a foldable design, and an exoskeleton case in a package that averages out at 4.6 stars with about 1150 reviews on Amazon. Shipping should be free and you'll get your choice of White Silver, Shadow (black with red accents), and Matte Metal Black colors. Don't wait too long to make up your mind, these might be gobbled up faster than your Thanksgiving meal.

As some of you pointed out, Microsoft was selling the Shadow variant for $150 as part of its Black Friday deal, so Amazon has now matched the price on that color. The white and all-black remain at $200. If you bought the Shadow version when we posted the previous deal, you can probably talk to Amazon's customer support to get a refund of the difference. They're usually nice like that.