Headphone deals are all over the place on Amazon and various other retailers' sites this weekend. But most deals we've seen so far are about wired headphones, which aren't all that practical if you don't want to be tied down to your phone by wires. Bluetooth is better, but switching to wireless usually involves some loss of quality, limited battery life, and a hike in price. Not so much with this BÖHM set.

These headphones usually cost around the $100 mark, they connect to your devices via Bluetooth 4.0 or an included 3.5mm cable. They have some playback control buttons, rotating ear cups, and what seems to be a nice leather headband. They usually last up to 18 hours on Bluetooth on a single charge, which is enough to carry you through an entire week of 1h commutes or two long days at work. And they have active noise canceling, which should be perfect for public transport, flights, and noisy offices. They come in two color variations: tan and gold (pictured above) and black and silver. Amazon reviews seem to be generally positive at 4.4 stars with almost 600 ratings.


If you want to take off $35 from the price and get it down to a nicer $65, use coupon code AN4SLGEC at checkout. It should work on both color variants of the headset. We don't know how long the coupon will stay active for so make up your mind quickly.