Here's something refreshingly different for you on this fine regular Friday morning: Instagram is working on multiple account support on Android and if you're lucky enough you might already have the option inside your app. Cue in gasps of amazement. Who needs this, you might ask? Well, small business owners who have a personal and a work account, social media managers, and their ilk. This option will negate the need for mods like Instwogram and allow access to multiple accounts on the same device. And surprisingly, it isn't there on the iOS version of the app yet. WHAT?!

The feature shows up for me and for our tipster on version 7.12.0 of the app, which you can get either from APK Mirror or by enrolling in the app's official Play Store beta testing program. Head into the settings and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the list (yes, beyond About and Terms of Service). If you're lucky enough, you should see an Add Account option below Clear Search History. Tap it and you'll have the option to sign in with another account or create a new one from scratch. Once that's done, you should be able to see a selector next to the account nickname on the top of your profile page. This is where you can switch between both accounts (with a nice green toast message to visually confirm it). In the settings, you'll be able to log out of these new accounts individually or of all accounts altogether.

instagram-multiple-accounts-1 instagram-multiple-accounts-2 instagram-multiple-accounts-3

Our tipster tells us the feature has been live for a while for some people, though it seems to be on a cloud rollout: other Android Police writers with version 7.12.0 don't see the Add Account option. Try it on your phone and let us know.