Android Wear is not everyone's thing. I splurged for a Huawei Watch with a mesh link earlier today when Amazon's $100 discount kicked off, but you may not like the look of the Hwatch or the way Android Wear works. Or you might be invested in Samsung's ecosystem and have more faith in the way they handle their wearable's platform. After all, it's your wrist, you can wear whatever you want on it.

In that case, you might want to head to Adorama today. I know, I know, it's not Amazon, and you'll have to create an account if you never shopped there, and do all of that unnecessary work while you're still under the influence of a glucose coma from your meal, but it might be worth the effort of working a few more minutes. What you'll get in return is an instant rebate on any of the three Samsung Gear S2 models and an additional mail-in rebate. Here are the prices:

All watches are temporarily on backorder, but you can buy them now and apply for the $50 rebate before November 30 according to these terms.

As a reminder, you should know that the Gear S2 has a 1.2" 360x360 full circular display and an ambient light sensor, an Exynos 3250 processor, 4GB of storage, a 250mAh battery, a heart rate monitor, IP68 water resistance, and Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, as well as NFC. Dollar for dollar, I think it's a better value than many Android Wear watches out there.