It's Black Friday, and deals are popping up everywhere like crazy. The Nexus 9 saw its price slashed by a whopping $200 and the brand-new Nexus 5X is being sold at just $299 on the Google Store and B&H. But while those deals are definitely great and all, nothing beats free.

If you own a Chromecast, free is exactly what you can get. Right now, you can redeem 90 days of Spotify Premium for precisely zero dollars and zero cents. We're not entirely sure in which countries this offer applies, since Google only mentions the US, Puerto Rico, and Malaysia in their support page, but I can definitely confirm that it also works in Portugal, so there's a very good chance you'll be able to redeem it in many of the almost 60 countries where Spotify is available. The offer is even valid if you own one of the first generation Chromecasts, which have probably paid for themselves several times over by now.

Speaking of paying for itself, Google is also selling a pair of Chromecasts for just $50 in the US, which basically means that it's cheaper to buy two Chromecasts and redeem the two trials than it is to pay for the 6 months of Spotify Premium that $60 would normally get you.

If you prefer Google Play Music and haven't signed up already, you can also redeem 3 months of the service for free. Head over to the Chromecast Offers page and let us know in the comments if the Spotify promotion also works where you live.