Google engineer Benson Leung recently started a crusade against bad USB Type-C cables, and one of the cables he warned people to stay away from is the one sold by OnePlus. Now OnePlus has responded to the uproar, saying that it will offer refunds to customers who purchased these cables. Well, you can apply for a refund. It's not clear how long it'll take.

The issue is that OP's Type-C cable and the Type-C adapter both have a 10kΩ resistor, which as Benson Leung has been pointing out, is potentially dangerous to use with some devices. A proper Type-C cable has a 56kΩ resistor, and OnePlus says it is in the process of designing a new version of its accessories that have this resistor. OnePlus' Carl Pei stresses that the cable and adapter are safe to use with the OnePlus 2 because it only pulls 2A of current. However, a phone like the Nexus 5X or 6P draws 3A, and that can cause damage to the power source.

If you bought cables from OnePlus to use with other devices, the company is offering a refund. Note, this doesn't cover cables that came with a OnePlus 2, just those you purchased separately. Customers in North America and Europe can head to the refund page on OP's website and submit their order number and email. Someone from OnePlus will review the claim (at some point) and send a refund via PayPal if it's approved. Customers in China and India will have to hoof it to the nearest OnePlus service center and turn in the cable to get a refund.