Something about Thanksgiving seems to do weird things to retailers every year. They drop their prices and their customers show up in the dead of the night acting like werewolves during a full moon. Personally, I think the stuffing is to blame. I mean, have you ever taken a close look at that stuff? It already looks like leftovers the first time you serve it.

Anyways, Walmart seems to have eaten a lot of stuffing, because they have all kinds of deals going on. One of the best deals we have found thus far is on the Jaybird BlueBuds X Premium earbuds. You can pick them up in black for just $79. The white ones will run you an obscene $169, which is their full MSRP. Why the discrepancy in price? Well, I guess tomorrow is Black Friday. I suggest you buy the black ones.

Want to know more about them before you buy? Check out Artem's 3,000 word review here. Condensed version – he likes them. A lot.

OK, later guys. I'm going to go have a Thanksgiving food coma. It's all your fault stuffing.

Amazon has the white version for $79 as well. The rest are more expensive right now.