Do you feel it? That's the force. The force of millions of Star Wars fans craving anything that tastes of Jedi, Wookiee, and stormtroopers as we count down the days to Episode VII. Google has done its part to embrace the force, and now EA is stepping up with a new Star Wars game, Galaxy of Heroes.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a turn-based RPG of sorts where you gather a galaxy's worth of heroes and have them engage each other in battle. There are many characters to collect, and EA is giving away one for free if you sign into the game today. Does that make it sound like the game contains in-app purchases? Why yes, yes it does.

Battles consist of skirmishes between the light and dark sides pitting Jedi against Sith, along with their respective allies. Heroes come from the original trilogy, the prequels, and the animated TV shows. There are missions to complete, but you won't walk around between battles. This isn't that much of an RPG. You're here for the fights.


The game has been in limited testing for a while now, but the wait is over. Hit up the link below to see just how strong the Force is with this one.

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes
Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes