It's just a red button, what's the worst that could happen? It turns out, a lot of things could happen when you press the button in Please, Don't Touch Anything. The latest Android title from Bulkypix presents you with a mysterious console which you probably should not be touching. Once you do, there are 25 puzzles to solve, each with a unique outcome.

You end up at this console when a coworker needs you to cover for him on a bathroom break. You are told not to touch anything, which is good advice. You should try that and see what happens. Alternatively, start pressing buttons and see what esoteric new panels and input pads pop up. There are clues scattered around the screen to help you figure out what buttons to press and when, but these puzzles are not what I'd call easy.

Whenever you do figure one of them out, something will happen on the monitor. Probably something bad, but usually amusing too. Each time you get a new ending, your workstation is decorated with a new sticker to mark your success. Please, Don't Touch Anything is $4.99 and there's no trial version. You should take a look, but it's best suited to fans of complex puzzlers. Also note, the touch targets are a little small, so a tablet is best.

Please, Don't Touch Anything
Please, Don't Touch Anything
Developer: ForwardXP
Price: $4.99