You may have heard a little movie called Star Wars: The Force Awakens is coming out in a few weeks. It's expected to sell a few tickets. Disney has unleashed its marketing machine to make sure the level of hype reaches previously unfathomable levels, and one small part of that is an update to the official Star Wars Android app that adds an Android Wear watch face. Neat.

Just install the app on your linked phone and the watch face will show up on your watch. Just like the app, it has three themes. There's the dark side, light side, and droids. The dark side face has a red theme and the Death Star in the background. The light side face is green and has a starscape. Finally, the droid theme is blue with R2 in the background. The dark side face is objectively the best one.

These are all digital faces, and there are no other settings to tweak beyond the theme. The only interactive feature is the ability to tap on the date to see what happened today in Star Wars history with a link to the app to read more. Can't complain too much, though. It's free.

Star Wars
Star Wars
Developer: Disney
Price: Free