I'm already a fan (and subscriber) of Project Fi, Google's experiment in being a wireless carrier, but photos popping up across Google+ suggest that the service just got a little more awesome.

Evidently, some Fi subscribers are receiving a holiday gift from Fi - a Lego kit that, when assembled, forms a charging stand for your phone.

A number of Google+ users have posted images of the Lego kit, showing the kit and its packaging - Fi's signature white box with bright Fi-colored materials inside. A green label on the outside wishes recipients "Happy Holidays," while an instructional booklet thanks subscribers for their support so far.


photo: Jason Lukaszewski

The kit, it seems, can also be configured into a neat cable organizer.

It might not look like the most stable stand in the world, but it's a pretty awesome (and unexpected) gesture. After all, who would expect awesome, custom Fi-colored Legos and warm holiday wishes from their mobile carrier?

For Fi subscribers curious about getting their own kit, commenter Greg Abbott points out below that this support link breaks down eligibility.