Google is handling the sale of Nexus phones in the US this time around rather than distribute them to carriers, but that doesn't mean you won't find these devices floating around elsewhere. For instance, the Nexus 5X just popped up on eBay for $10 less than the Google price. Whatever, right? Hey, with free shipping and no tax, you might save a bundle.

This listing offers the 16GB variant only, but you can get it in black, white, or blue colors. Google charges tax on Google Store purchases, but basic shipping is free right now. For me, it's $27 in tax on the Google Store when purchasing the 16GB Nexus 5X. So, that's $37 in savings for the eBay deal. New Hampshire residents will have to pay tax, thoughNever mind, they don't have that. 

This is a new phone with a US warranty, and it'll ship free in the US. The seller will ship internationally too, but only accepts PayPal accounts from the US.