Just last week SEGA published Football Manager Mobile 2016, a version of its long-running soccer management sim that skips out on fancy graphics in order to make it play nice with older hardware. Now Football Manager Touch 2016, a more high-powered version with full 3D simulated football matches, has joined it. SEGA's naming scheme is a little convoluted: Touch is more of a high-end game than Mobile, though both of them support mobile hardware and touch controls.

It's also much more expensive. FMM2016 wasn't cheap at $8.99 plus in-app purchases, but Football Manager Touch 2016 costs a whopping  $19.99... and yes, it still has in-app purchases, up to $6.99. Even speaking as someone who happily supports premium games, I think that's a little steep for a product that gets a new version every year (so is likely to have support pulled within 12 months) and has a cheaper alternative.

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That extra dough will get you cloud saves that will let you continue a game across the PC version of Football Manager (or even in Football Manager Mobile, if you've bought both for some reason). Players also get access to over 600,000 pro soccer players in 139 leagues, new strategic options, an improved UI, and a new Create-A-Club mode. It's available for Android devices running 4.4 or later, but at the moment it looks like installation is restricted to tablets - the user interface doesn't look like it would be playable on phones anyway.

The app was not found in the store. :-(