NVIDIA has had some solid Black Friday deals in past years, and this one is no different. Later this week, you'll be able to get $50 off the price of the SHIELD Android TV, plus a free remote worth $50. The catch? The first round of deals is only available if you brave the crowds.

Starting on Thanksgiving, the $50 discount and free remote deal will be live at Best Buy, Fry's GameStop, and Micro Center. Of course, most stores won't be open until late that day or early the next for the shopping rush, but the deal will run through Saturday. NVIDIA tells us that this is an in-store only deal, but the landing page doesn't mention it. Weird. So that's phase one. Starting on Cyber Monday, the same deal will be available online via NVIDIA's store, Amazon, NCIX, and Newegg.

This deal is valid on the regular and Pro versions of the device. So, that's $150 for the 16GB SHIELD and $250 for the SHIELD Pro. They already come with a controller by default, so you'll have everything you need.