Black Friday, or Black Thursday Evening, is only several days away. You're probably not thinking of making the Verizon store your first destination, but the Big Red wants your money just like everyone else. If you find prices particularly off putting throughout the rest of the year, this may be the one time to pay the carrier's site and retail stores a visit.

Verizon is offering a $200 Black Friday discount on the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, and DROID Turbo 2 if you switch carriers and trade-in your own phone. When combined with the $300 gift card or account credit Verizon offers for certain used devices, you're looking at potentially saving $500 when everything is said and done.

Since those phones can't satisfy everyone, Verizon is also offering $100 off the retail price of select Android smartphones priced at $400 or higher. These include the LG V10, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, and the S6 Edge+.

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Folks looking for an LTE tablet may want to consider the Ellipsis 8 for $50, down from its usual price of $80. Note, a new two-year contract is required to get that deal, so you may end up losing out on more than you save.

Verizon will also part with discounted accessories. Carriers typically aren't the best place to buy these sorts of things, but occasionally they surprise you. Knocking $50 off the Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Elite, bringing the price down to $250, isn't half bad. $170 for a Nest Cam is less than what Amazon currently wants. So you might find something you like in the sales ad provided in the source link below. Various deals will last Thursday through Monday.