I have fond memories of Jordan. The hot temperatures and the desert environment didn't stop me from enjoying my 4-day tour of the country where I walked around the city of Petra and took a donkey ride back to the entrance because my feet hurt too much, went on a 4X4 drive around Wadi Rum and got sand everywhere in my clothes and shoes, floated in the Dead Sea and panicked when I figured that I couldn't swim back to shore but had to awkwardly paddle my body, got lost between the hookah café on the Aqaba beach, watched a Roman gladiator fight reenactment in Jerash, and visited what is believed to be the Baptismal Site of Jesus Christ. It's a great country and it deserves to be known for its rich culture and heritage.

Now thanks to Street View, you can take a long look at many known sites in Jordan from wherever you are. It won't be as entertaining as actually going there, but it could entice you to do so later on. You just need a screen and Internet access to travel thousands of miles to Jordan and thousands of years into the country's past. There's obviously the famous Petra, the Roman ruins of Jerash, the mosaic map of Madaba, a panoramic view of the Dead Sea, and many more to discover and enjoy. Even Queen Rania will take you on a Petra tour if you fancy yourself some majestic company.

To get started, grab a pair of sneakers and sunglasses then point your browser to g.co/Jordanhighlights. I hope you enjoy your stay and please leave the donkey on your way out!