It's a bad weekend for indie apps and services. After the PasswordBox team announced that its well-liked product would be folded into Intel's alternative, now a unique Android homescreen replacement is also going the way of the dodo. After amassing 15 million downloads since its debut early last year, EverythingMe will soon be shutting down and no longer available on the Play Store. As Douglas Adams said (and the company quoted on its farewell blog post), so long, and thanks for all the fish.

According to the post, the simple fact is that EverythingMe's business model wasn't bringing in enough revenue to sustain the development team.

EverythingMe’s revenue model assumptions were based on contextual discovery – you get app and content recommendations that are relevant for you at the right time and place. The #’s we’ve shown were breaking all industry benchmarks, but growing in emerging markets meant we couldn’t convert this value-added discovery to significant income for the company to keep pursuing its vision and build its product.

Read: we weren't making enough money. Because of the connected nature of the launcher, keeping the app installed on your phone or tracking down the APK file probably won't do much good for end-users. The team recommends Google Now's integrated launcher.

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EverythingMe hasn't been acquired by a larger tech company (as tends to happen with popular indie projects), though the company did have a brief dalliance with Firefox developer Mozilla. Unfortunately that probably means that the development team will be job-hunting soon - if you need some experienced Android app devs, you might want to give them a call. Best of luck, folks.

EverythingMe Launcher
EverythingMe Launcher
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