There will be at least two ways you can part with $600 on a single Android tablet this holiday season. You can pick up the upcoming Pixel C along with a keyboard attachment, or you can get the Galaxy View from Samsung. Buyers going the latter route should be aware that this thing takes the mobile computer label very seriously. At 18.4 inches, you've basically grabbed one of those failed Android all-in-one desktops and started carrying it around under your arm.

The decision to do so is your prerogative, and AT&T is now giving you the option to buy an LTE-equipped model, just as it promised. You can pick one up (using two hands) for $30 a month or $500 with a two-year contract. You also have the option to get a Galaxy View for $100 if you're an existing DirecTV customer who buys a new smartphone using AT&T Next. The full retail price remains $600, like it was when the tablet became available from Samsung and other retailers earlier this month.

You won't have to use that giant screen entirely for really stretched out Android apps. Samsung has produced a digital version of a bullet board for storing photos. If you like CNN, there's a custom app for that. You can then use your smartphone as a Bluetooth remote control. Think of this as the Samsung Galaxy TV Picture Frame.