The original Moto G started getting its official update to Android 5.1 in July. But those were unlocked units and we all know how operators like to test, re-test, delay, and re-delay OTA updates, so odds were that you would have to wait for months before getting it on your device if it wasn't unlocked.

Well, the odds and the stars have aligned in your favor if you're on the Verizon XT1028 version of the Moto G because Lollipop 5.1 is finally coming to you. The rollout started a few days ago so you may have already seen the notification, otherwise you should head into your phone's settings and manually check. The update pushes the device to software version 221.26.5.falcon_cdma.Verizon.en.US and brings all the 5.1 features that we've extensively covered (priority notifications, a flashlight toggle, app pinning, trusted devices, and more).

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