On the Google Store in the US, you can currently buy a Huawei Watch, a ZenWatch 2, a Moto 360 second or first gen, Sony's SmartWatch 3, or the original LG Watch Urbane. There's also a listing for the second-gen Urbane, the first Android Wear device with its own cellular connection. But it can't actually be purchased on Google's hardware market: the page directs interested parties to buy the watch from AT&T or Verizon. There isn't even a hyperlink.

urbane far

It's an odd choice, since every other product on the Google store either has no cellular connection or is unlocked for multi-carrier goodness. The rest of the page is filled with specifications, software info, and links to phones, tablets, and other watches. Presumably the two different models of the Watch Urbane aren't cross-compatible between AT&T and Verizon, but it is possible to remove the rear of the watch and insert a new SIM card. Why not sell it outright? Weird.

It looks like this may be a moot point. Shortly after this story was published, LG announced that the Watch Urbane 2nd Edition was indefinitely postponed due to an unspecified hardware issue.