Hey, do you use [insert instant messaging or video chatting service here]? No? Well, what do you use? Weird, no one else I know uses that. Here, just create an account real quick. Please?

Yeah, we're all tired of this conversation. Hangouts has managed to dodge it to some degree because so many people already have the required Google account. But what about those folks who don't? And do you really want to share your email address with this guy who's reaching out to you?

Soon, you won't have to. This week Google is pushing out an update to Hangouts that removes that requirement. When you invite someone to join a video call, all they have to do is click the provided link. Then they're in. Google is pitching the feature at business users, but it's really nice to have for anyone.

Whoever created the meeting will have control over who gets in, so the situation shouldn't descend into chaos. Users will have that control regardless of whether they're chatting from a PC, Chromebox, or mobile phone.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free