Swipe. Swipe. Swipe. Imgur's flood of images never ends. The Android app and smartphones come together to form the easiest way to lose track of twenty minutes known to humankind. On tablets, the experience hasn't been quite so fluid. Version 2.3 addresses that.

When you first launch the app, the main screen looks the same. But click on an image, and behold! Now you can see more of what you were hoping to see. Landscape view on a small tablet like the Nexus 7 still won't show you all that much, but the addition of a panel on the left hand side does have the effect of squeezing out a slightly better view.

Imgur2 Imgur3

Left: Old, Right: New

Aside from that, Imgur says this release makes GIFs better, faster, and stronger. I arm wrestled one, and I can confirm that they're pretty fierce.

Here's the changelog.

What's New:
- Android tablets now supported! Yay!
- GIFs improved to be better, faster, stronger
- "Today on Imgur" notifications for your viewing pleasure