A year after Telltale Games kicked off its point-and-click take on Game of Thrones, the season is coming to an end. Episode 6: The Ice Dragon is now available inside the Android app. If you haven't bought a season pass, you can snag up the episode for $4.99.

The choices you've made over the course of the adventure will determine what happens in the finale. If I had to guess, someone probably dies. The first few minutes of the HBO series give the impression that that sort of thing happens often. So do most other minutes of the show.

The season pass containing episodes 2-6 continues to be the best way to enjoy the series. The single $20 in-app purchase lets you save $5 versus buying everything individually. If you're journeying to Westeros for the first time, no matter. You can grab everything at the link below.

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones
Developer: Telltale Games
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