The latest title from Spacetime Games is out on Android, and it's yet another multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) geared toward mobile play. Call of Champions is designed to be faster and more mobile-friendly than other games in the genre, but like the others, it's free-to-play. That means plenty of unlockable content if you don't mind opening your wallet.

MOBAs have been huge on PC, but have yet to really catch on with mobile devices. Vainglory has had some success on iOS and Android, but the matches can easily take 15 minutes. Call of Champions matches are just 5 minutes long, but will end sooner if one team manages to capture the other's base by advancing the Orb of Death. Otherwise, the team with the higher score wins. The battlefield is also simpler with just two lanes of combat.

Call of Champions has a ton of heroes, which you can unlock with some grinding or money. You'll get a few free ones from completing the tutorial, and another free hero will be awarded in your first week of play. If you're interested, the Orb of Death awaits.

Call of Champions
Call of Champions
Developer: Spacetime Studios
Price: Free+