I have a bit of a tech addiction, and as such I have a lot of different gadgets floating around my house. Some of the purchases I have made, I will readily admit, were mistakes, and sit around gathering dust unused. There are, however, a few items I've bought that I use so often that when I leave the house without them I feel somewhat exposed. Like that feeling you get when you realize that you forgot your wallet or phone at home.

My Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Headset falls into that category for me. I listen to them on my way to work, on my breaks, and on my way home, as well as around the house while I work on projects. There is no lousier way to start my workday than to realize that I have left them at home on the charger, forcing me to use my backup ear buds for the rest of the day. Why? Because these cans are incredibly comfortable, sound great, can produce mind shaking bass, and have 20 hours of battery life. I love these things.

They are pretty well loved on Amazon as well, earning a 4.5 star rating with over 500 reviews. Today, there is a another reason to love them, a crazy good price, just $98 on Amazon. The list price on these guys is $200, and normal retail is north of $150, so this is a pretty sweet deal.


If you aren't much of a bass head, you will be happy to know that the extra bass can be turned off with a button press, leaving you with a comfortable set of cans with balanced audio (I recommend doing this for audio books as well, unless you want every narrator to sound like James Earl Jones). The headphones aren't advertised as noise canceling, but the thick ear cushions do a pretty stellar job of blocking ambient noise.

NFC and MicroUSB charging are two more reasons that this is my go-to set of headphones. Easy pairing and easy charging, that's the way I like it. Included with the cans are a charging cable and a 3.5mm audio cable that's nice to have if you want to use the set with a non-Bluetooth device.

The only negative thing I can say about the headphones is that the thick ear-pads can get a little warm when worn outside on a hot day or when I'm really active. Basically, I wouldn't recommend buying them as a running companion or to use while mowing the lawn.

If you want 'em, you can pick up a pair on Amazon following the link below or you can buy them on B&H for the same price (great if you live in a state where Amazon charges sales tax).