The UE Boom is an awesome Bluetooth speaker. It's got everything a great wireless speaker needs, loud and crisp 360 degree audio, a portable design, water resistance, thumpin' bass, and a crazy 15 hours of battery life. The only thing lacking is a great price to go along with all those features. Well, what do you know, it has a great price today too! It's just $99.99 on Amazon, half the normal price, which means this is a big BOOMIN' deal!

Screenshot 2015-11-19 at 4.28.19 PM

That is, unless you ask Cam, he seems to think the JBL Flip 3, which is already priced at $100, is a better speaker. I think they are both pretty sweet devices. The Flip 3 may edge the UE Boom slightly in sound quality, but the Boom outlasts the JBL by 50 percent. I'll keep this brief and let you debate the pros and cons of each device in the comments below. All I know is that my fingers are getting super twitchy, and I'm this close to impulse buying the crap out of this thing. If you want more info on the Boom, check out Cam's review here.

A couple of things to know before you buy. Only the black model is on sale, the other colors are all close to the full retail price of $200. If you want the speaker in a different color I guess you could always put a sock over the thing. That might be a little weird though. Included with the UE Boom is a MicroUSB cable and AC adaptor. The link is below if you want to grab one.

Update: White and pink are now also $99.99. Who knows how many Amazon will drop by the end of the day.

Update #2: Best Buy has all colors for $99.99 too.