Yesterday, the Nexus 6P appeared on T-Mobile's website as part of a list of devices certified for band 12 LTE on the operator's network. While we did not have direct confirmation from T-Mobile at the time, we went ahead and let you all know because, hey, it probably meant something. We reached out to T-Mobile on Twitter (along with readers) and have since had it clarified to us that this page does not reflect the current status of the 6P's band 12 certification.

T-Mobile social evangelist Des clarified on Twitter that the certification process was ongoing and that T-Mobile would have more to share about the band 12 status for the 6P "soon."

Why was the page updated in the first place? It's likely that whoever is responsible for it was given a date or some other reason to believe the device was now certified and that this date or information did not reflect when the 6P would actually get band 12 connectivity. 

We'll definitely keep an eye out on this whole situation in the coming days and weeks, because clearly we're getting close to band 12 day for the new Nexuses. Well, at least one of them.

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