Do you ever feel left out because of all the US-only news we post? If you live in Australia, then you're in luck, because this one is just for you! Now those Americans can finally experience what you have to go through on a daily basis, right? Actually, probably not, since this is likely not the kind of thing over which you want exclusivity.

Many Australian Nexus 6P owners have been experiencing connectivity issues on Telstra, one of the country's three main mobile carriers. The issues seem to arise whenever the device disconnects from a WiFi network and switches to a 4G connection. Even though the phone still appears to be connected to the network, mobile data is effectively disabled, and the device is not able to access the internet through it at all.

Thankfully, Google has identified the issue and is working with Huawei to get a fix out as soon as possible. According to Ausdroid, a Huawei spokesperson has confirmed that they have already been able to resolve the problems Telstra users are facing and will begin rolling out an OTA fix once testing is completed.

In the meantime, some users have found workarounds for the bug, which include toggling airplane mode on and off, keeping the phone strictly on a 3G connection, or disabling WiFi altogether so as to avoid connecting to any wireless source.