Though no reasonable person would have suspected that Android Pay would get early support from every vendor, bank, and finance company, Chase has loomed large as among the most conspicuous absences. It doesn't help that the banking giant announced Chase Pay last month, which is like Android Pay except worse in almost every way.

After a post on Reddit claimed to have been told by a Chase rep that they were adding support for Android Pay in 2015, Chase customers began to look forward to being first-class Android Pay citizens. It is worth noting, though, that in other public venues and in private communications with users, Chase was very vague about timelines.

We spied this back and forth between Chase's support Twitter account and a user today in which they state specifically not to expect support until 2016, but that support will in fact come.

When asked about the aforementioned Reddit poster, Chase's customer service account took responsibility for the mix-up, but confirmed once again that 2016 is the arrival date–even if that feels pretty vague in terms of a timeline at this point, too.

If you already had Chase cards in Google Wallet, there is a loophole. Google will use some trickery to make things work to smooth out the transition for Wallet users, but there is no telling just how long they will allow that. This applies to other unsupported cards, too.