Maps are symbolic by their nature, but that doesn't mean that those symbols can't be user friendly. Ride-sharing company Lyft seems to have applied that principle to the custom maps in its Android application. The latest app update adds new features to the map you use when searching for a ride - now the little car markers on the map will be colored the same as the real-world car that picks you up, and the direction the car is facing as it travels is reflected on the map.


Sorry for the iPhone GIF. Lyft didn't update the screenshots on the Play Store.

If you've ever had to hunt across a street or parking lot for a car that you've never actually seen before, you'll appreciate the update. Considering that many of the rides offered by Lyft are between complete strangers, the addition of colors and directions makes a lot of sense. The profiles for Lyft drivers include a photo of both the car itself and the driver, avoiding some potentially awkward and/or dangerous interactions.

Car colors won't change until you've actually selected a ride, and with the new bird's eye view showing direction, it should be a lot easier to find your ride among a hundred nearly-identical sedans and SUVs.