If you're not into how your daily carry is looking these days, there's a good chance you'll find something to spruce it up from dbrand. Whether you want to add some color, murder it out, throw a touch of nature into the mix, or spice things up with the aesthetic of metal, there's basically something for everyone.

For those of you who like metal and want to make your phone a little more steampunk, the crew over at dbrand just unveiled a new skin: copper. While there's no question that this could potentially look "cheap" if not well-made, it's pretty clear exactly how killer these skins look after seeing the images. Absolutely gorgeous.

And like all dbrand skins, you can expect a perfect fit for whatever device the skin is going on. We've gone hands-on with several different dbrand skins (for several different devices) in the past here at Android Police, and we've yet to find one that wasn't cut perfectly. These are high-quality skins from a company that takes a lot of pride in its work, and you can see that with every skin. It's all in the details.

To celebrate the launch of the new copper skins, dbrand is also offering 25 percent off of everything in a site-wide promo. So even if you're not into copper but have been thinking about pulling the trigger on something else, now's the time to do it. Saving money is always good, right?

The 25 percent-off promo is only good for the next 24 hours, however, so you better get your order in now. No coupon code is needed (prices are pre-discounted), so go crazy — maybe you could even buy two. You baller you.

Head here to get started.

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