You want to become a rock hard slab of skin and muscle. I hear you, and I understand. Here's a pro-tip, you have a great fitness trainer already floating around in your pocket. Look at it. That flat, hard sheet of glass. That chiseled frame. Your phone is in great physical shape, and it knows just what to do to help you get there.

First, download Runtastic Results. This is the latest release from Runtastic, and those guys make good software for people who prefer the thought of training at home rather than going to the nearby gym. In the past we've covered their approach to running (go figure), riding bikes, and getting those six-pack abs.

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Results is all about developing the strength you want without having to fuss with any gym equipment. Your own body weight provides enough resistance to develop muscle and get in shape.

The app provides a 12-week personalized plan and over 120 videos. Someone who looks in even better shape than your phone will guide you through how to properly complete each exercise.

Thing is, a training plan is going to cost you. We're talking $10 a week. If you're really committed, you can cut that down to $50 for twelve months. That's pennies compared to some gym memberships, but it's on the pricey side for an app.

Screenshot_20151112-113104 Screenshot_20151112-113159 Screenshot_20151112-114342

That said, it's probably a better approach to lifting weights than that existing plan of lying on your back while holding a Nexus 6P a few inches from your face. But unlike other Runtastic apps, you can't test it out for free to see for yourself.